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OSU Medical Student Headshots In Columbus Ohio

Recently I have had several OSU medical students come to me for their professional portrait headshots because they wanted a more customized approach than what was being offered at school.  I love that they have realized these photos will follow them for the next few years and how important it is to have a good one!  Whenever I create a professional or corporate headshot, I always take the time to create an image or series of images that best represent my client and their respective trades.  Shooting professional headshots is not as easy as some may think and you cannot simply line up clients like school pictures, you have to take time to craft a quality image. From the posing to the post production retouch, we handle every last detail.  Below is an image of my most recent med student client.  If you are interested in the rest of my headshot portfolio, please feel free to visit that gallery here.

corporate headshot columbus ohio

Professional Headshot Photography In Columbus Ohio – Ben Simon Studio

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